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Sabi Style
PO Box 750, Paddington, PADDINGTON, Queensland, 4064 
(07) 3122 8272
abn: 76387991754
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Our name comes from the Japanese philosophy Wabi Sabi. In simple terms Wabi is about simplifying or paring back and Sabi is about aging gracefully.

When it comes to Interior Design and Decoration, Sabi Style is passionate about creating spaces that truly reflect the occupier.

It's about turning your house into a home but not just any home, a space that really represents YOU and can evolve and change as you and your needs do.

Sustainability matters - Its better for your wallet and better for the environment. We look for environmentally-friendly solutions such as reusing what you already have or upcycling it into something even better. This emphasis on eco-design never overrides the fundamental principles of great interior design. The way we see it, the pieces we save are already part of your own family history...



Oliver grew up just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland during The Troubles. After seeing firsthand the knock on effect to a community divided, he is passionate about creating spaces that unite - be it a couple, a family or a work space.

He is as much a story teller as a designer but instead of words on a page he uses the space to speak about the occupier. The final results appear as if they have naturally evolved, complementing the home and allowing the client to feel they are in sync with the space. Part of what makes a house a home is the personal touches. Oliver loves working with collections, artwork, antiques and heirlooms to help tell the visual story of the owner.

Unlike many of his peers who are known for a specific style, Oliver enjoys working in any style - contemporary, traditional or modern. He prides himself on creating distinctive environments that reflect the existing architecture and his clients' needs, personality and individual style.



  • Interior Design
  • Interior Decoration
  • Colour Consulting
  • Sustainable Eco-friendly Design Solutions
  • Space Planning
  • Property Styling
  • Item Sourcing
  • Custom Furniture Design
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