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Peregrine Home Products   
98 Enterprise Avenue,
Victoria 3806 
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03 9707 4277 
postal: , , Australia.
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Peregrine Home Products is a subsidiary company of Lyrebird Enterprises, a 100% Australian-owned and run family company, operating for the last 25 years.

All of our home and garden products are hand-crafted and made from high quality materials to our exacting standards.

Pelmet Box

Peregrine Pelmet Boxes are made of warm, responsive, solid clear pine. Let your imagination produce a work of art that will transform your room. Peregrine offer a variety of profiles will suit any room in your home.

All Peregrine pelmet boxes are individually handmade by craftsmen. The pelmet's surface is finely sanded, ready for painting, staining etc. by you, your interior decorator or Peregrine's artist.

Shelf Brackets and Shelving

Peregrine's wooden shelf brackets are not only strong, but beautiful as well, whether you retain the natural timber finish or paint them in the color of your choice.
Peregrine's wooden shelf brackets hold up to 25kg per bracket, which will hold your microwave, telephone, books and other household items with ease.

Cutting Board

The Peregrine cutting board brings together a beautiful blend of function and form, with the functionality that has been missing in traditional cutting board design, coupled with the clear light grain of natural wood.
With correct care, your wooden cutting board will last you many years. Our cutting boards come in raw wood and we recommend a natural oil, that upon application will protect your cutting board through the years, whilst retaining its natural beauty.

Garden Arches

With Peregrine Garden Arches, the entry to your garden is perfectly framed. Wind your favourite creeping plant onto the garden arch trellis and see the admiring glances from your neighbours.
If you have seperate areas of your garden, placing a garden arch between the two areas is the perfect way to asthetically divide them. Create a feeling of "arriving" as you step through the garden arbor from one section to another.
Whether you choose to retain the natural timber finish or paint your garden arch in your color of choice, the attractive design solidity of wood will shine through.

Garden Edging
Show your Australian side with these attractive and cute uniquely Australian garden edging designs. Peregrine garden edging is not only attractive, but also as flexible as your garden needs it to be.
Garden beds that simply fade away look unfinished and messy. Edge your garden borders beautifully and give your garden a finished look.

Peregrine garden edging is perfect for your vegetable garden beds! A popular design idea, you can now bring the level of your vegetable garden beds higher and really let your veggies flourish!
Planter Boxes

For those living in apartments or units, there's rarely much room for a garden! But the benefit of growing your own herbs, vegetables and flowers is priceless. With Peregrine planter boxes, you can enjoy a garden no matter where you are!
The Peregrine planter boxes will hold numerous plants, and their unique shape ensures that your plants are well fed through the soil. It will seem like plants are bursting out all around you!
Peregrine planter boxes are made to last with a sturdy and robust design and made out of quality timber to the usual high Peregrine building standards.
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