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Jarrett Indoor Plants Pty Ltd   
613 Regency Road,
South Australia 5083 
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Plants and gardens inside buildings and offices feature a sustainable vehicle for a variety of ecological and economical benefits. Factors such as improving the indoor climate and the workplace environment have a direct impact on increasing the quality of life and, as such, represent important parameters of the interior design task.

Indoor plantscapes are becoming increasingly important in the workplace in terms of creating a positive influence amongst staff and a healthier environment.
Washington State University conducted a study of business owners and business association staff confirming that the introduction of indoor plants and interior landscaping in commercial districts:-
  • creates a pleasant space that attracts people;
  • acts as an outdoor extension of the business' customer service commitment; and,
  • helps to develop a distinctive identity for and defines the boundaries of a business district, thereby encouraging return visits.
Jarretts has developed its indoor plantscaping business for more than 50 years and is highly regarded within the industry as the market leader in indoor plant design.
Accredited by the National Indoor Plant Association and the Green Building Council Australia, Jarretts continues to provide the interior design and landscape sector with expert advice and valuable resource tools in assisting the industry to create stunning plantscape designs and features.
Our company also has developed strategic alliances with manufacturers and service providers in supporting new environmentally sustainable products to assist improved building practices by adopting Green Star tools.
For this reason, as part of an Environmental Management System, we have adopted a "green first" policy that involves a range of processes, as well as incorporating the latest technology, to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint and deliver environmentally-preferred products and services wherever possible.
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