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Melbourne has not always been home for James.  In spring of ‘99 and on completion of his Business Management Degree, he hopped over to London to pursue his professional career in Management and Marketing working for multi-nationals through to Independent Television Companies. Eleven years on, he now calls Melbourne home and brings with him a fresh and unique interior design service and approach.

 Since an early age, Interior Design had always caught James’ attention, realising the importance interiors play in our well being and the influence it has on our everyday life. Turning to study, he graduated in London as an Interior Architect and then established a successful design business that offered a unique and fresh interior design service approach to a broad client base across the UK.

 James’ proven success is not only evident in his varied portfolio but also his understanding of good business practise. He believes that the success of any interior designer goes beyond simply having an eye to make functional and beautiful spaces; it requires a proven understanding of business management to deliver a quality service tying in budgets, forecasting, research, communication, budgeting and trouble shooting.

 With extensive experience in renovating homes in the UK, James offers an exclusive perspective on interior design, drawing inspiration from his broad portfolio, and understanding of global trends, extensive product knowledge and European industry contacts. His friendly, committed, intuitive and charismatic approach to his craft will guarantee you’ve made the right choice.

 Whether it is residential or small commercial and you require advice on colour, a single bathroom &/or kitchen design, a shop renovation or complete home renovation from design to build, contact James now to discuss your exciting project.

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