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Interior Design & Decoration for Makson P/L
8 charles smith drive, WONGA PARK, Victoria, 3115 
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 Dear proud home owner,
Have you ever looked at a room of your home and thought “What an uninspiring waste of space!” or, “I wish I could turn this into something really special!” Have you ever dreamt of coming home to your own private haven after a long days’ work, or wanted a warm and inviting area to entertain your guests? What about an attractive, yet practical and functional space for your family?
My name is Katherine Hewitt and it is with great pleasure that I introduce my interior design service to you.
Many people feel that interior designers provide a luxury service that few of us can afford… but I am here to assure you that amazingly beautiful and impressive interiors can be achieved on the most modest of budgets- right through to the extravagant!
There are many benefits to having that special area of your home designed by a professional- whether it be a seemingly ‘unusable’ nook, cavity or walk-through, a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, formal or informal dining, study, laundry or hallway! Any area, large or small, will benefit from a specialised eye and design vision. Some of the main benefits include;
-        Aesthetic appeal that is unique to your home and that reflects your personality
-        A trained eye for detail that can achieve impeccable finishes and consistency throughout your space/s
-        The realisation of your dream, created with a professionals’ knowledge, skill and vision
-        Making the most practical use of your space; small or large
-        The creation of additional space or storage to assist the everyday liveability and functionality of your home
-        The convenience of professional design with minimal fuss through an enjoyable rather than stressful transformation, and,
-        The achievement of a truly remarkable ambiance that will impress all that enter your home.
I offer my clients a personal, consultative and friendly service to ensure a desirable outcome for all. I promise to work with you- the client, until you are 100% satisfied with the design of your space- and involve you at every stage of the design process. I want this to be a fun process for both of us!
My service involves:
-        An initial obligation and cost FREE consultation to evaluate the space/s, gauge your tastes, needs and wants, measure, brainstorm and primarily plan the design concept with you (In your home!) Quote for services will be provided following this step.
-        The creation of a design concept and presentation of theme board and/or comprehensive report at second consultation (Again- in your home)
-        Detailed design of colour scheme/s, selection of furniture, soft furnishings, accessories, window coverings, fixtures, floor coverings, lighting and all fittings. Furniture placement specification also.
-        ALL planning, communication and co-ordination of any relevant tradespeople that may be required*
-        The execution of the design plan through to the end, inclusively, and
-        Adherence to pre-determined budgets as specified by YOU!
Each job will be assessed and quoted according to YOUR needs and what YOU want from the design service!
Whether you’re into Contemporary, Classic or Abstract design- or even if you have no idea what design you like- all you need to do to get your dream space created, is to contact me TODAY! I will provide you with any information you may need, and address any questions that you may have in terms of process, prices or anything else. PHONE OR EMAIL TODAY!
Katherine Hewitt
Interior Design for MAKSON Pty. Ltd.
PS: If you are selling or thinking of selling your home- let me help you gain the maximum sale price with a staging plan design! I can help you get thousands more for your home with minimal investment- let me show you how!
* Contracts for outsourced trades are between the client and the tradesperson and payment must be made directly through that channel. The designer will simply recommend and/or arrange the trades, get quotes and co-ordinate them: Payment to the trades must be made directly by the client
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