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Flat Out Property Investments trading as Mes Homewares
14 Zaknic Place, BUNBURY, Western Australia, 6230 
abn: 42154077344
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Lacquerware Products

The lacquerware products we sell are sourced from Vietnam. The factory owner and staff are very proud of and passionate about their products which is reflected in the design and  quality of the pieces.

Each bamboo piece is handmade and takes three months to produce. The bamboo is soaked, treated, then wrapped and glued into shape. It is then coated in 14 layers of lacquer.

Bamboo lacquerware enables you bring “wow” factor pieces into your home without the weight of large, traditional ceramic products.

Within this range we have also chosen some lightweight ceramic lacquer pieces. The ceramic product enables the factory to create any design, not limiting them to a particular shape.
The end result is fabulous curves and lines which give you truly eye-catching pieces.

This factory continually produces exciting and innovative designs and we intend to visit the factory regularly to ensure we are able to bring you the latest quality products to enhance your home.


Photo Frames

The photo frame products we sell are sourced from Vietnam. The factory is a leader in producing quality products in thousands of designs.

After visiting this factory, I was truly astounded by the number of products that this factory produces.  There were just so many beautiful items to chose from it was hard decide on a final selection.

The factory produces the moulds using the more traditional lathe-made mould and the computer-assisted mould manufacture.

The frames are pressed and then the intricate work of hand-painting and hand-gluing the colour or design begins.



The story behind our glassware begins in Vietnam.  The factory owner Miss Linh is the third generation of the family to run the company.

The glassware begins as used lemonade bottles that are given a second lease of life.  Workers at the factory in Vietnam turn them into beautiful new products.

The combination of all kinds of colours is what gives these mouth blown glassware their special tint.

The factory produces items such as: vases, candle holders, tumblers, goblets.

Finishing products with hand woven cover using seagrass, palmleaf, water hyacinth & or other handmade decorations.



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