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Andrew Loader Design
1502 / 227 Victoria Street , Darlinghurst, DARLINGHURST, New South Wales, 2010 
+61 437 766 283
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Our interior design services add value to your project by creating sophisticated, contemporary and timeless interior solutions. Interior Designers based in Sydney, Andrew Loader Design creates and installs residential and commercial interior design solutions.

Our interior design process involves briefings to capture your expectations and goals, concept interior design presentations, complete schedules with costings and the coordination of trades, suppliers and product procurement.

We know the importance of exceeding expectations and we invite you to contact us to discuss your interior design project.

Email or Phone 0437 766 283 to discuss your interior design needs.

Interior designers based in Sydney's eastern suburbs, Andrew Loader Design create chic and timeless interior design and decoration solutions. If you are looking to save time and money on your home renovation or commercial interior design project, or simply would like to redesign individual rooms, we can help make the process an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

​Andrew Loader's appreciation of the beauty of simplicity and his passion for interior designs that reflect style, refinement and above all practicality and comfort, have been greatly influenced by his years of living, working and travelling throughout the world and experiencing the excitement of many varied cultures and ways of life.

Andrew's interior designs are characterised by their timeless elegance and classic style accented with elements that are both contemporary and impactful. After more than 20 years in the world of luxury hotels and creative design, Andrew knows the great importance of creating spaces that make people feel comfortable and at home, whilst also feeling inspired and uplifted.

"Influenced both by contemporary design and his time in the luxury hotel business, his vision is to bring the elegance of hotels into private homes" (House & Garden Magazine)

Andrew opened his first interior design studio in 2009 and since then has completed many projects in Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Bangkok and the South West region of France. Andrew's interior designs have been featured on television, in three coffee-table books and numerous media publications.

In collaborating with his clients to create beautiful spaces, Andrew brings a part of the glamorous world of luxury hotels into their own homes.


We also offer on-line Interior Design Services. Contact us today for details on how our online services can help you.

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